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About Triangle Network

Triangle is an international network of artists and arts organisations that promotes exchange of ideas and innovation within the contemporary visual arts. Through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and outreach events as well as training events and consultancies the network generates peer-to-peer learning, professional development for artists, curators and other arts professionals and the dissemination of emerging international art practices.

Established in 1982, Triangle Network responds to the need of artists and arts organisations to communicate with one another in order to share ideas, skills and experiences. These links enable partners to play a unique role in connecting the local and the international art scenes, challenging insularity, creating further opportunities for artists and placing themselves at the forefront of the debates on international arts practice.

The Triangle network is constantly expanding and currently has over 30 partners across the world. It is particularly active in countries where the arts infrastructure is limited, and encourages exchanges across social, political and economic barriers, in countries including: Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, India, Iran, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Portugal, Uganda, Zambia and the UK. With a track record of activities spanning almost three decades, Triangle Network is currently developing a series of projects aimed at ensuring the long-term reach and sustainability of the network and generating greater public engagement in the contemporary visual arts.