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About Us

pARTage is a registered, non-profit artists` led organisation based in Mauritius. we aim at promoting inovation and experimentation in art among established and emerging artists in Mauritius and within Islands of the Indian Ocean Region (Comoros, Madagascar, Reunion and the Seychelles). We do this through numerous local and international exhibitions, conferences, workshops and residencies. (www.

Living on a small island there is a feeling that one has always to travel to the mainland to get recognition as an artist. During the past few years pARTage has been concentrating its effort in giving more confidence to artists living on islands by bringing them together and create more opportunities for them to meet, interact and participate in other international workshops and residencies.

Through our activities we attempt at promoting exchange and dialogue between artistic communities internationally and within the region. We aim at a truly multicultural encounter that provides a dynamic platform for a dialogue between cultures.

pARTage is part of The Triangle Network ( ; an international network of artists and organisations set up in 1982 by late Sir Anthony Caro and Robert Loder to support artists-run grass roots projects around the world

pARTage was officially launched officially in November 2003 at Eureka House in Moka, Mauritius.