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Art in the Forest


“Art in the Forest” is a Land Art project taking place in the National Park Of Black River in Mauritius. Though we live on a small island surrounded by nature, not all of us can really appreciate this natural gift. We have noticed a rapid degradation of our natural environment during the last 20 years.

To make the environment the concern of one and each inhabitant of this island, pARTage will attempt to bring the population closer to nature by making them experience site-specific thought-provocative art, right in the forest. This symbolic act of connecting people to nature aims at inspiring them to really realize that we are all an integral part of nature and that our existance will depend on how we treat our environment.


Artists: N. Hurry, N. Luckeenarain, M. Chummun, G. Foy, K. Luchoomun , A. Pyndiah, S. Haukim, M. Appadoo, K. Thomoo, V. Gopal (Mauritius), G. Edouard, J. Wong So (Rodrigues), A. Mroivili (Comoros), X. Daniel, F. Batt, F. Vitry, G. Lebourg (Reunion), R. Lalaina, F. C. Damy (Madagascar), D. Nourrice, G. Boniface (Seychelles), Y. Jahan (Bangladesh), I. MIkula (South-Africa), S. Lutaya (Kenya)
Art students: M. J. Cecille, P. Gungah, C. Guness, M. Koodruth (Mauritius)