Partage Mauritius | ARTerre



L’ART de la terre. ART of the land. Landscape ART. Land ART. Earth ART. Deep rooted genre to be faced with its own image.

A workshop aiming to bring together different generations of Mauritian artists under one common umbrella: Landscape art. It is a reality that there has been numerous types of art always in constant evolution on our island, and the diversity of styles and subject matter contribute greatly to offer a widest possible palette that reflects our Mauritian art. With ARTerre, pARTage takes on a challenge to enable tradition, convention, concept, technique, perception and contemporaneity to feed off each other in an attempt to build bridges, between the different schools of thought.  Landscape art is rooted within our artistic heritage. Xavier Le Juge de Segrais, Marcel Lagesse, Max Boulle, Serge Constantin left behind a rich tradition of landscape painting, and Roger Charoux, Yves David, Pauline Le Juge de segrais, Fabian Cango, Genevieve Leclezio are some of the perpetuators of that tradition. While the young generation of “modern” artist has more or less cut off ties with its practice, our physical environment still acts as a reservoir from which ideas are taken and developed into other art forms. Land Art, though not actively practiced by many Mauritian artists, has been one of the counteracting outcomes against traditional painting.

Neemala Luckeenarain
Fabien Cango
Nirveda Alleck
Yves David
Vaco Baissac
Krishna Luchoomun
Nirmal Hurry
Sheetul Vandana Goorah
Sultana Haukim
Gaetree Daby Chummun
Veronique Christine
Rogers Charoux
Florian Grosset
Genevieve Le Cjezio