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The Dodo


The DODO The Dodo – long dead, the very icon of extinction, yet an emblematic figure of our past and our present. However, can we say with absolute certainty that the phrase ?as dead as the dodo??is absolutely correct? Or is this quasi-mythical bird still alive? We have all heard about it and we all question its very existence. Did the Dodo really exist? Who has ever seen one? Yes, we have seen bones and stuffed Dodos covered with the feathers of other birds, but never a real one. Does anybody know exactly what the Dodo looked like? So far we have seen it only through the artist`s eyes in drawings, paintings and sculptures. Travelers have described the Dodo as fat, stupid, lazy and foul-smelling. Its tiny wings were useless while its tail was simply funny. Though its meat was thought to be most unpalatable Dutch sailors seem to have found it to their taste to the point of driving it to its extinction! Despite its lack of appeal, the Dodo, as a character, has today been successfully incorporated in mythology, literature, the arts, cartoons and advertising. The Dodo has gifted us with a rich cultural legacy which is very much alive and breathing in various forms throughout the island. In order to give the Dodo myth yet another impetus through this project, we will be asking three different generations of artists (confirmed artists, fine arts students and primary school pupils) to give us their visual and philosophical interpretation of the Dodo through drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, videos, installations and performances.