Partage Mauritius | Residency


pARTage Residency program:

Self-reliant and dynamic artists are invited to apply for the pARTage Residency whenever there is a call.
pARTage residency program offers the artist-in-residence facilities to live and work in Mauritius, for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, giving the visiting artist the opportunity to integrate in the local artistic community and to respond to the local situation in his/her work. The residency is intended as part of pARTage cultural exchange programme in view of facilitating cultural exchange and creative dialogue by bringing together international and local artists.

in a stimulating and supportive environment. The residency includes educational activities such as interaction with art students, local artists and the general public. As part of this, the visiting artist is asked to give a short artists’ talk towards the beginning of his/her residency. Towards the end of the residency, the artist-in-residence can hold either an open studio day or an exhibition.

The residency programme provides the selected artists with the opportunity to work and research alongside other local and international artists whose practice varies from traditional to new media. Such an environment has proven extremely inspirational, encouraging exchange of ideas between practitioners. This has often investigated experimentation with new concepts and sometimes, new materials. The non-prescriptive and process based nature of the residencies enable artists to develop projects in response to the new environment, or to conduct research benefiting from Mauritian resources.The pARTage team will be happy to work with you throughout the residency to help you develop your ideas/project.

Designed as an opportunity to grow creatively and to expand cultural horizons, the residency does not offer any kind of financial remuneration. However, pARTage will endeavor to cover self-catering accommodation and basic materials, plus a daily allowance for meals and local transport.
pARTage does not cover international travel costs and travel insurance. (Artists from Africa can apply to ArtMovesAfrica for assistance to cover traveling costs).

On occasion pARTage can accept self funded artists. The approximate costs for a two months residency may be as follows:

Accomodation: 1000 EU
Stipend for artist and inland transport: 1,500 EU
Equipment insurance: 125 EU
Exhibition, invitations: 800 EU
Documentation : 250 EU
Material : Inquire
Administrative costs : 300 EU